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Laser Cutting
Steel Craft employs three (3) High End Laser Cutting Sytems equipped with State-of-the-Art Material Handling. (FMS - Flexible Manufacturing Systems). The systems are "Lights Out" capable and cut both ferrous and non ferrous materials, up to 1" carbon steel. The FMS Feed Towers (13 shelves high) can...
Group: Laser cutting
Wet Painting
For parts too large or heavy for our six powder coating paint lines, or for parts with special coatings requirements, we maintain a wet painting line.Wet Paint Line Power-and-Free conveyor systemAccomodates very large and/or very heavy partsAccomodates the need for special coatings or custom...
Group: Painting
Powder Coating
Powder coating provides our customers with a long lasting, high quality, durable finish with superior salt spray test results and in a variety of textures. Six paint lines ensure flexibility and on-time delivery. Powder Painting/Coating is performed by our sister company, Hartford Finishing, Inc....
Group: Coloring with powder
Shearing / Sawing
To obtain material for your parts in the most cost effective manner, we buy flat blanks, tube stock or bar stock precut to size, or alternatively use our in-house shears and saws to produce material properly sized for fabricating your parts. Our Shears utilize CNC controls for guaging and nesting,...
Group: Cutting of the metal
Stamping - Coil Feed
Steel Craft offers the latest technology in Metal Stamping. Three AIDA Coil Feeders are equipped with Dallas Feed Lines and Coil Feeders for speed and efficiency. Change plates are utilized for Fast Changeovers. Tonnage monitoring protects sensors and tools leading to longer tool life. Systems use...
Group: Cold pressing of metallic details
Brake Presses
At Steel Craft Corp. FLEXIBILITY is the key to plate and sheet forming. All twelve (12) of our Brake Presses have NC programmable gauging systems allowing us to perform multiple bends in a single setup. Our five (5) portable Premier presses can easily be moved and combined with other fabrication...
Group: Metals pressing
Turret Presses
Our programmable CNC Turret Presses combine multiple functions, including piercing, forming, extruding, embossing, countersinking . . . into a single operation. We can also contour parts of any shape or design. AMADA VIPROS 357Tonnage = 33, 58 Station NC Turret w/Auto Index AMADA PEGA...
Group: Metals pressing
Machining - Milling
We do custom machining of both piece parts and large weldments. Our Machining Centers are frequently combined together with our portable brake presses and welding equipment to form flexible manufacturing cells. We machine all our own weld fixtures in house to guarantee quality and adherence to...
Group: Metal working
Conventional Welding
Use our experienced and certified welding staff to produce your prototypes and to satisfy your structural, large weldment and ornamental welding needs. Our conventional welding department is equipped with large layout and fixture tables, and cranes to handle all your welding requirements, large or...
Group: Welding
Robotic Welding
95% of all welding at Steel Craft Corp., is done robotically on one of 13 Robotic Welding stations.The majority of our Robots have multiple cells.Close tolerance welding to within .0030 with excellent penetration.We custom build our weld fixtures in-house giving us great flexibility and insuring...
Group: Welding
Tube Laser
Steel Craft's Adige LaserTube system allows us to offer you unmatched flexibility and quick turnaround. This state of the art system reduces multiple operations to one automated solution, and is capable of taking a design from Cad/Cam to finished part in 15 minutes. Fully automated, including...
Group: Inner processing of tubes
We specialize in complete assemblies, including mechanical and electrical assembly and complete the cycle by packaging and drop shipping the finished units to your door. From fabrication of simple brackets and panels, to painting to sub assemblies, to multi-part assemblies to final packaging, to...
Group: Assembling


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